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Archived News and Information

Request for Proposals on the Development of a  Solar Energy Project

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is to seek proposals from qualified and experienced renewable energy developers.

Seasonal Outdoor Water Use Bylaw Update

The Massachusetts Drought Management Task Force met again on May 9th to evaluate current conditions, including the precipitation that occurred in April and early May.  It was recommended that the drought declaration for all parts of Massachusetts be lifted and conditions returned to normal.

Parker Street Culvert replacement and road closure  May 26, 2017

During the course of the Parker Street culvert replacement, the main 8” water pipe that traverses the brook will be shut off.  Due to an alteration of flow dynamics, this may cause some discoloration of water in the general vicinity of Parker St, School St, River St, and the Carriage-Hillcrest neighborhood.  Any discoloration should subside once the system reaches equilibrium.  The work to shutdown this pipe will take place this week, weather permitting, and this will last several weeks to support the replacement of the culvert.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Aerial Drone Flyover of the South Acton Water Treatment Plant

The South Acton Water Treatment Plant has been operating at a high level of efficiency for two years.  The primary purpose of the plant is the removal of naturally occurring iron & manganese from five of the District’s wells. The plant filters about 40% of the District’s supply.  Please enjoy this brief aerial tour

2017 Spring Flushing Program

Our spring water main flushing program began Tuesday, April 11, 2017.  We will be flushing water mains southwest of Route 2 and west of Route 27/Main St (West Acton).  The flushing finished up on 05/04/17.

2017 Rain Barrel Program

Acton residents were eligible to purchase rain barrels at a discounted rate for the first fifty (50) buyers!  The program ended on 4/29/17 and was a huge success this year.

Fall Water Main Flushing to begin October 3rd, 2016

The Acton Water District will begin its fall water main flushing program on Monday, October 3, 2016, and will continue for the entire month of October.  Due to drought conditions and our current outdoor water use ban, adjustments to this plan may be necessary as we get into October. Flushing finished up on 10/20/16

Water Main Break on the Town of  Concords supply line located in Acton on Great Road/2A (9/7/2016)

A water main break has occured on the Concords Water Main located in Acton on Great Road.  The town of Concord is on site for repairs and some customers in Acton that are served by Concord will be without water. 

Indian Village Water Main Upgrade

The Indian Village and Littlefield Road Water Main Improvement has been put on hold due to superseding priorities.  This project may be revisited in the spring of 2017.

RainBarrel Program 2016

Acton residents had the opportunity to purchase The Great American Rain Barrel at discounted prices.

South Acton Transmission Line and High Street Main upgrade

This project was completed in May 2015

South Acton Water Treatment Plant Construction

The SAWTP was finished in June 2015, this page contains construction updates.  However the permanent page for all information current to the SAWTP can be found by clicking here.

Stow Street Water Main

The contractor, Onyx Corporation of Acton, has completed this project.

Lead information sheet

The recent problem in Flint, MI has prompted questions from the public, this web page contain information as it relates to Acton and other resources for you to learn more about Lead.

Manganese Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is intended to inform you about manganese in drinking water, typical concentrations, its contribution to overall manganese exposure in humans, especially infants, and provide guidance on health protective limits in drinking water.

2015 Sodium Results

The Acton Water District conducts annual sampling of all wells for sodium.  The most recent results entering our distribution system can be seen here. 

RainBarrel Program 2015

Acton residents have the opportunity to purchase The Great American Rain Barrel at discounted prices.

Solicitation for Private Water Service Repair Insurance

The Acton Water District (AWD) is aware that customers have received a direct solicitation from HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp (HomeServe).

Pressure Reducing Valve and High Water Pressure

Sustained pressure that exceeds 80 psi can damage on-site plumbing systems and may affect your water fixtures.  Some areas of our system do exceed this pressure and you may consider having a licensed plumber install a pressure-reducing valve at your home.

Important Water Quality Notice January 2015

Our water system recently violated a monthly drinking water standard.  Although this incident was not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened and what we did to correct this situation.

Hayward Road Water Main Improvement (updated 11/4/2014)

Onyx Corp will be shutting down a small portion of Main Street today at the intersection of Hayward Road.  Some discoloration may be experienced due to an abnormal hydraulic configuration.

 Water Quality Report Available

The latest water quality report summarizing water samples collected throughout our system in 2013 is available at  Please share this information with other users of water in your home, business, or neighborhood.  If you require an alternate form of this report or have questions on the information contained in it, please contact Matthew Mostoller, Environmental Manager at 978-263-9107 or 

Important Water Quality Notice July 2014

Our water system recently violated a monthly drinking water standard.  Although this incident was not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened and what we did to correct this situation.

National Drinking Water Week is May 4th - 10th

The Value of Water - #valueofwater

2014 Rain Barrel Program

The  Water Supply District of Acton has partnered with the Great American Rain Barrel Company in Hyde Park, MA to offer recycled barrels to residents as part of a community wide water conservation program.

Contractor Mobilized to Hayward Road (Updated May 19, 2014)

Contractor will be doing some additional Water Main Upgrades on Hayward Road.

2013 Coliform Notice

We routinely monitor monitor for drinking water contaminants.  During the month of November 2013, 2 of our routine samples showed the presence of total coliform bacteria.