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Your Water Meter

There are several reasons why you’d want to be able to locate and read your water meter. First, you might be interested in just how much water you use in a day. By reading your meter at the beginning and the end of the day you can compare the two totals to tell how much water you and your family used. The second reason is to check for leaks. If you turn off all the taps in your house, look at your meter and it is still turning, chances are you have a leak somewhere. Here are some hints to help you find and read your water meter.

STEP 1:  Locate Your Meter


Most meters are located in the basement.  On the black cover it will read “Badger Meter” 

STEP 2:  Read your Meter


The face of the meter will look similiar to the image above.  This picture shows a model 25 meter register but we have models 35, 70,120 and higher.

The Blue Dial is the leak indicator, if you are sure there is no water being used in the house and this dial is still moving ever so slowly, you have a leak.

This register shows that we are reading in cubic feet and that the actual reading is 52321.99, for billing purposes we drop the decimal places and would bill on 52,321.