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Flushing North Acton

The Acton Water District will begin its fall water main flushing program on Monday, October 2, 2017, and will continue for the entire month of October.  We will be flushing water mains northeast of Rt 2 in the vicinity of Great Road (Rt 2A/119) and Main Street (Rt 27) to the Westford/Carlisle/Littleton town lines, and intersecting streets and neighborhoods (North Acton).

Discolored water and periods of low, to no, pressure may be experienced on, or in the general vicinity of, any of the streets being flushed.  We will place road signs in the vicinity prior to initiating flushing on any street.

            Flushing will occur between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Monday - Thursday.  We will not be flushing on Monday, October 9th due to the Columbus Day holiday.  At any time during this period, customers may experience discolored water.  It is advisable to draw and store some drinking water prior to flushing.  Any customers experiencing discolored water should not launder light-colored clothing, or run their dishwashers, as the minerals in the water may cause staining.

            We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  This process is necessary for periodic removal of sediment in the distribution system and to minimize future incidents of discolored water.

Flushing Timeline

 (subject to change based on our progress)

Phase Approximate Start Date Task
 All Phases 10/2/17-10/ 31/17  See map of Zones
Phase 1 10/2-10/3

Starting on Main Street and Nagog Hill Road and moving north to Brook Street and then into Davis Farm area.

 Phase 2  10/4 - 10/5  Skyline Drive area

NO FLUSHING on Columbus Day

Phase 3 10/10 

Moving up Great Road/Rt 119/2A to Nagog Woods, Nagog Park, Avalon Bay, Breezy Point, etc.

 Phase 4 10/11-10/12   

Moving up Main St/Rt 27 to Northbriar area, Robbins Brook (Preston Way, Devon Drive, John Francis, etc), Quarry Road, Ledgerock Way, and into Canterbury Hill, Carlisle Road, Blueberry Path, Marshall Path, etc.

Phase 5 10/16 Finishing Northbriar area then moving into Canterbury Hill area (Carlisle Road, Blueberry Path, Marshall Path, etc.)  Then back to Robbins Brook (Devon Drive, Preston Way, John Francis, etc.).  
  10/20 Fall water main flushing has been completed.  Thank you for your patience during this necessary activity