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Fall 2020 Water Main Flushing

The Acton Water District will begin its fall water main flushing program on Monday, October 5, 2020, and will continue for the entire month of October.  We will be flushing water mains between Route 2 and Route 2A/119-Great Road (Acton Center).  Discolored water and periods of low, to no, pressure may be experienced on, or in the general vicinity of, any of the streets being flushed.  We will place road signs in the vicinity prior to initiating flushing on any street.

Flushing will occur between the hours of 8 AM and 3 PM Monday - Thursday.  We will not be flushing on Monday, October 12thdue to the Columbus Day holiday.

At any time during this period, customers may experience discolored water.  It is advisable to draw and store some drinking water prior to flushing occurring.  Any customers experiencing discolored water should not launder light-colored clothing, or run their dishwashers, as the minerals in the water may cause staining.

We understand that customers may have questions regarding the need to flush in relationship to the existing Lawn Irrigation Ban.  We conduct flushing using an engineered Uni-Directional Flushing program to minimize water wasted. Flushing is a necessary maintenance activity to scour sediment from pipe walls to reduce future discolored water events, reduce water age in piping dead ends that causes water quality to degrade and prevent taste and odor issues for customers.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding as we conduct this necessary maintenance to the piping distribution system.

For periodic updates on the flushing schedule, please refer to the Acton Water District web site at, or call 978-263-9107 between the hours of 7:30 AM & 4 PM Mon-Fri.


Flushing Timeline
Phase Approximate Start Date Task
All  10/05/2020

See Map of zones

Phase 1  10/5/2020

Sutton Place/Hammond Street/Samuel Parlin/Willis Holden/Arlington/Newtown/Lincoln/Madison/Jackson/Washington/Coolidge

Phase 2 10/7/2020 Eliot/Cowdrey
Phase 3 10/13/2020 Minuteman/Simon Willard/Woodbury/Putnam/John Swift/Musket/Revolutionary/Fife and Drum/Jefferson
Phase 4 10/14/2020 Hayward/Coughlin/Taylor/Concord/Wood/Nagog Hill/Grasshopper/ Minot/Barker/Stacys/Forest/Hosmer/Bromfield/Alcott/Emerson/Phalen/Thoreau/ Hawthorn/Berry
Phase 5 10/20/2020 Concord Road/Horseshoe/Alcott/Emerson/Phalen/Longfellow Park/Thoreau/Berry/Pope/Myrtle/Phlox/Wingate/Bayberry/Magnolia/Iris Court/Stoneymeade/Brabrook/Elsworth Village